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Sailing north – At sea

Mon 13 Jan ’14 – day 30   I must have been tired because I was woken by the Officer of the Watch’s broadcast at 08:55 hours and then again at 10:00 hours when Gemma the Business Manger gave her daily update about what was happening on-board.  The next time I looked at my watch it was gone 11:00 hours and so I needed to get up and get ready for the Peninsular Club lunch being held in the Oriental Restaurant for the Baltic and Ligurian members, the most regular cruisers.

Our host was the ships Environmental Officer, but as we were on a straight table for eight it was difficult to have a conversation other than with the people in your immediate vicinity.  It was an excellent meal and when the meal had finished I moved to the next table to have a chat with Andrew Watt, the Passengers Services Manager and get a update on what he has been doing since we has last met.

During lunch the sun had come out and the sea is fairly smooth, but there was a cool wind blowing, so if you want some fresh air then you needed to find a spot out of the breeze.

As I walked through the Conservatory I noticed that the chocolate fountain was up and running and that for afternoon tea, lots of posh cakes and tarts had been put out; this was a great come down from the Chocoholics of years gone past, which was probably sacrificed in the name of economy.



After another pretty dismal showing in the individual quiz it was time for yet another black tie night.  I always treat myself to some stilton and biscuits plus a small glass of port on these evenings.  The conversation flowed well unlike some tables I have been on where it can be a little stilted.

The sea was behaving itself and although the wind has been fairly strong all day (deck 13 closed) the ship had not been bouncing around too much.  I do hope that these conditions continue all the way back to Southampton.