This ten night holiday has been carefully crafted to cleverly balance cultural highlights and historic treasures with natural beauty and stunningly scenic cycling. It's a perfect choice too if you like the idea of combining timeless countryside cycling with the use of local transport to explore the eternal cities of Siena and Florence on foot. alt="" class="media-element file-default" data-delta="1" data-fid="151876" data-media-element="1" width="275" height="87"> /RidePlus is available on this tour, meaning that on most days you have the option to do a more challenging RidePlus route. Each option comes with GPS navigation and route maps to ensure you get to your destination easily, and you’ll stay at the same hotel regardless of which route you take, although RidePlus cyclists will be provided with an upgraded lightweight road bike. If you’re travelling as a group you can split up for the day to ride independently – so everyone has their perfect day. Find out more about /" target="_blank">RidePlus here/ and more about the routes for this holiday in the Itinerary section./  

Guide price per person,
Prices, itinerary and avalibility may vary, please contact us for a fully detailed quote. We can tailor make your perfect holiday including extentions and pre and post tour options. Prices shown exclude flights - please call us direct for flight options
29th April £1,769
29th April £1,769
1st May £1,769
1st May £1,769
3rd May £1,769
3rd May £1,769
5th May £1,769
5th May £1,769
7th May £1,769
7th May £1,769
9th May £1,769
9th May £1,769
11th May £1,769
11th May £1,769
13th May £1,779
13th May £1,779
15th May £1,779
17th May £1,779
19th May £1,779
21st May £1,779
23rd May £1,779
25th May £1,779
27th May £1,779
29th May £1,779
31st May £1,779
2nd June £1,779
4th June £1,779
6th June £1,779
8th June £1,779
10th June £1,779
12th June £1,839
14th June £1,839
16th June £1,839
18th June £1,839
20th June £1,839
22nd June £1,839
24th June £1,839
26th June £1,839
28th June £1,839
30th June £1,839
2nd July £1,839
4th July £1,839
6th July £1,839
8th July £1,839
10th July £1,839
12th July £1,839
14th July £1,839
16th July £1,839
18th July £1,839
20th July £1,839
22nd July £1,889
24th July £1,889
26th July £1,889
28th July £1,889
30th July £1,889
1st August £1,889
3rd August £1,889
5th August £1,889
7th August £1,889
9th August £1,889
11th August £1,889
13th August £1,889
15th August £1,889
17th August £1,889
19th August £1,889
21st August £1,889
23rd August £1,889
25th August £1,889
27th August £1,889
29th August £1,889
31st August £1,889
2nd September £1,889
4th September £1,889
6th September £1,889
8th September £1,889
10th September £1,889
12th September £1,889
14th September £1,889
16th September £1,889
18th September £1,889
20th September £1,889
22nd September £1,869
24th September £1,869
26th September £1,869
28th September £1,869
30th September £1,869
2nd October £1,719
4th October £1,719
6th October £1,719
8th October £1,719
10th October £1,719
12th October £1,719
14th October £1,719
16th October £1,719
18th October £1,699
20th October £1,699
22nd October £1,699

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Holiday Name : Headwater - Classic Chianti Self-guided Cycling 
Reference : EXO