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How to find your Dream Holiday

To find your dream holiday destination, you should picture yourself enjoying a perfect holiday and then list what you think is making it perfect.  Is it busy or quiet; plenty of service or a place of your own; an immaculate property or rustic; on the beach or in beautiful countryside; does it have a big shared swimming pool or your own private one; would you be happy with a long flight or must it be less than four hours; is the month of travel outside your control or can you go when the weather is near perfect?

Why should answers to these questions make any difference to how dreamy the dream destination is?  Well, take Dubai for an example.  It is warm and sunny throughout the winter months, with plenty of top quality properties to choose from – and many with that elusive ‘wow’ factor by the bucketful.  Staying at Atlantis The Palm would be wonderful if you like to have plenty to do, amazing things to see and absorbing activities to enjoy – all without leaving the hotel grounds – with stunning views from superbly furnished rooms.  However, as The Atlantis has more than 1500 bedrooms, you are going to see plenty of fellow guests around!  If you would prefer to be surrounded by quiet sophistication and enjoy gazing at stars, or counting passing satellites, rather than dancing the night away, then the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa may be your dream destination.  Within a few miles of each other, one person’s dream could be another’s nightmare.

Matching dream holidays to the clients who would enjoy them most is our purpose and joy.  Independent travel agents like us offer almost unlimited choice, without the product bias of the big name holiday shops or tour operators selling direct.

However, there are some dream holiday destinations out there that almost anyone would be pleased with, if relaxing is high on their agenda and they are free to travel at the right time of the year.

The superb Sainte Anne Resort & Spa in the Seychelles now has an enhanced ‘half-board plus’ option, making it possible to pre-budget for the holiday. This much quality is still not cheap, but with a more predictable cost, it can be paradise within reach.

When pre-budgeting is important, such as for a honeymoon, we think the best all-inclusive on Mauritius is Beachcomber’s Shandrani Resort & Spa.  They call this level of board ‘Serenity Plus’, because it is far more inclusive than normal all-inclusive programmes.  You can enjoy quality imported drinks, champagne by the glass and superbly prepared and presented meals in any of the five restaurants, making this very good value for money, for your very special holiday.

These days, when we think of small paradise islands, we are most likely to think of the Maldives. There are 26 atolls consisting of hundreds of islands, including a handful operated by some of the best hotels in the world.  Travellers in need of total luxury, whatever the price, will be drawn to Soneva Gili, with its 7 Crusoe Residences which are like overwater mansions cast adrift in the sea.  On the other hand, a Jacuzzi Beach Villa on the island of Kuredo can cost less than one third of the Soneva price, making this dream destination within the reach of all couples in search of the perfect romantic getaway.

If you were thinking about a long haul holiday and you can only travel during our summer months, remember that some of the best weather to be found anywhere in the world is three hours away in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.  Dream holiday destinations can be found with five-star hand-picked properties in Sardinia, Sicily and even some of the lesser-known Greek Islands.

So, when dream holidays are so easy to fly to, why hesitate?  It’s time to turn that dream into a relaxing reality!