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Christmas In Antarctica-Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula

Towering glaciers, amazing wildlife encounters, snow covered landscapes and massive icebergs make this voyage the perfect way to spend Christmas. In the waters of the Antarctic Peninsula, we spend our days off the ship exploring by Zodiac and mak... More »
Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctica - Mega Colonies-Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica and remote islands of the South Atlantic are home to some of the largest wildlife colonies found anywhere on Earth. On the dark sand beaches and in the tussock covered dunes of South Georgia, King penguin colonies contain more than 100... More »
Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands-Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula

The towering peaks and immense glacial systems of the Antarctic Peninsula are home to a great abundance of wildlife which we observe on shore, from the zodiacs and the ship. Large penguin rookeries are found at several locations and we encounter ... More »
Journey Below The Antarctic Circle-Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula

This remote stretch of the Antarctic Peninsula is visited for just a few short months each year. From January onwards, seasonal ice conditions give us our best chance of achieving our objective - crossing the Antarctic Circle. Here we witness exp... More »
South Baffin Explorer - Art, Culture & Wildlife-Canada, Canada

All over the world, for countless millennia, indigenous people have expressed their unique cultural heritage through art, keeping precious folklore, stories and traditions alive, so they might be handed down from one generation to the next. Since... More »
Baffin Island & Greenland Explorer-Canadian Arctic, Canadian Arctic

This outstanding voyage explores the the stunning fjords and soaring peaks of Baffin Island before crossing the Davis Strait to witness the glaciated landscapes and colourful fishing villages of western Greenland. We commence our expedition in Iq... More »
Scotland, Faroe Islands & Iceland-Arctic, Arctic

Follow in the footsteps of Vikings and Gaels and explore the stunning islands of the North Atlantic. Explore the dramatic coastlines of Scotland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands and immerse yourself in the regions ancient history. Our voyage begins... More »
The Moonstone Trek-Peru, South America

The trek starts in a quiet, rural valley between Cuzco and the Sacred Valley and finishes in Ollantaytambo, only seven miles upstream from the start of the Inca Trail. It passes through seldom‐visited Andean villages, Inca and pre‐Inca ruins ... More »
Ross Sea Antarctic Cruising: In The Wake Of Scott & Shackleton-Antarctica, Antarctica

The Ross Sea region of Antarctica is one of the most remote places on Planet Earth and one of the most fascinating places in the continent's human history. With shipping restricted by impenetrable pack ice to just two brief months each austral su... More »
Headwater - County Kerry Self-guided Cycling -Ireland, Ireland

The Iveragh Peninsula is a stunning region of islands. With Killarney at its epicentre, it is the largest of the 'five fingers' of Ireland, better known as the Ring of Kerry. Mystical, beautiful and grand, the route is also a tourist hotspot, so ... More »
Displaying 631–640 of 640« 1 ... 62 63 64