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Disembarkation and the drive home – Southampton

Fri 17 Jan ’14 – day 34    Having set the wakeup call for 06:30 hours, when the phone rang it was time for a shower and packing away the final few items before heading up to the Conservatory for breakfast.  Everyone seems to be tucking in to the proverbial ‘Full English’ even if it is just to get their last bit of monies worth from the cruise.

The ship was already alongside at the Ocean Terminal, moored up and the turn round procedure has started.  Bags are being off-loaded and moved into the collection point on the ground floor.  There are also numerous lorries waiting to unload the goods they have ready for moving on to the ship; everything from toilet paper to sides of beef will come aboard and then be taken to the appropriate storage area.

Having spent 33 night’s on-board and eaten far more than I would at home (and everyone else is the same), the talk was about diets and losing weight before people join their next cruise.  For the vast majority of passengers this would be sometime during the summer, but the next time I board in Southampton will not be until December when I join Adonia before she heads up to the Baltic on the Christmas Markets cruise.  This will be followed by a back-to- back cruise down to the Canary Islands before stopping in Madeira for the spectacular fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

So having bought today’s newspapers it was just a case of hurry up and wait.

Disembarkation was announced and so it was a case of heading down reception and then queuing to leave the ship.

Having handed in my cruise card it was a short walk down into the baggage hall where the priority bags hand been put in a special area, so no problems in retrieving my luggage.  Out through Customs, nothing to declare, and then collect my car keys before heading out of the dock and up to the motorway and then home.

Other than the weather, these had been a good couple of cruises, so here’s to next time.