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Boxing Day – At sea

Thu 26 Dec ‘13 – day 12  The strong winds had created a sea state that meant the ships movement was lively to say the least.  I was awoken a few times during the night when a large wave hit the ship and made the whole vessel judder; the result of this movement made my cabin creak and groan as the bulkheads flexed and this meant that the clothes hangers rattled against each other as they moved in time to the ships motion.

So a disturbed night’s sleep meant that for the first time on this cruise I was not up before 08:00 hours.  I just dozed as I tried to find a comfortable position in bed that would prevent from moving around too much; however the ships motion was so erratic that even this proved to be difficult, so it was a case of just closing my eyes and hoping to drift off into the Land of Morpheus.

The Captain made a broadcast just before 11:00 hours and gave an update on the weather conditions which he explained were going to remain the same throughout the day as the wind has backed to the west and would move around to come from the northwest later.  So until the ship enters the lee of the Islas Baleares which should happen in the early hours of tomorrow morning, the ships motion would continue to be ‘lively’.

Having finally arisen I made my way to the cyb@study where I did more work on my computer.

The open decks were closed and there were very few passengers around as most must had stayed in their cabins and were probably lying down to try and counteract the worst of the motion.

There was a short downburst just before lunch when the hailstones were bouncing off planking on the Sun Deck.

As we continued our way towards Palma there was no let-up in the stormy seas, so the ship was pitching and rolling all afternoon and along with the occasional heavy thump when a larger than normal wave hit the vessel meant that I decided to spent the time horizontal on my bed.

I did make it to the Individual Quiz and scored a seasonable thirteen out of twenty; as I do not watch soaps or listen to current pop music I had no idea about three of the questions.

The Oriental Restaurant was a subdued affair at dinner time as it appears that many people had decided to fore-go eating because of the ships motion.  Only Janet was missing on our table, but she had been seen around the ship during the day.  Rather than my usual glass of wine with dinner, I just had water as this should help to keep me rehydrated on a day when it had been difficult to keep anything down.

As dinner was finishing we remarked that the ships motion seemed to have eased, but as we stood to leave the vessel made an almighty lurch and the stern dropped so we all quickly grabbed hold of the table to steady ourselves.

The lurch and subsequent drop was the final straw for me so I retired to bed.

As Blanchet said at the end of ‘Gone with the Wind’, “Tomorrow is another day”, so let’s hope the weather improves.