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The experienced travel professionals at John Allan Travel are there to book the best possible holidays for their clients, whatever the budget.  Some of the best known travel agencies are restricted to selling less than a handful of holiday companies and, at John Allan Travel, we can choose from around 400!  That means far more choice for you and, as most are independent specialist tour operators, a more unique result for your holiday plans.

John Allan Travel is over 25 years old.  Growth in the last quarter century has been based on providing a personal service for people who appreciate being able to trust us to make a success of every one of their holidays, year after year.

However, our website design and limited functionality recognises that some new and existing clients need to do some research of their own to be inspired before contacting us.

This is a good place to start.  The holiday search is limited to the crème de la crème of independent operators.  However, when you think you have found something that ticks all the boxes, we would still love to discuss your plans before securing your booking.

Most important of all: you will see holiday ideas here from around 40 of our most respected tour operators.  Wonderful holiday ideas from a fraction of the operators we can book for you.  Food for thought?

Do call us, or call in and let us find the perfect holiday for you!

John Allan Travel’s top 10 service promises

1. We understand our clients and will find you the right holiday.
2. We go beyond Internet search sites.
3. We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to recommend what is best for your needs.
4. We are creative and we will suggest alternatives.
5. We are independent, financially strong and honest.
6. We are open about prices and charges.
7. We provide reassurance; your money is safer with us.
8. We provide a responsive personal service in an otherwise mechanical and self-service world.
9. We are happy to be of service; expect a friendly welcome.
10. We care.  So why book elsewhere? Call 01235 819121

Contact Us:

John Allan – john@johnallantravel.co.uk

Sharon Allan – sharon@johnallantravel.co.uk

Penny Wesson – penny@johnallantravel.co.uk

Jill Mangan – jill@johnallantravel.co.uk

Scott McGee – scott@johnallantravel.co.uk