From a distance, Kani emerges like a garden island poised on turquoise waters. This tiny paradise in the Maldives archipelago, exclusively reserved for Club Med guests, has 75 Suites on Stilts* which, viewed from above, resemble a giant palm tree straddling the lagoon. In the heart of luxuriant nature inhabited by multi-coloured birds, the rooms offer tailor-made services for demanding Robinson Crusoes.  Between diving* in the underwater depths and the pleasure of sampling the exquisite flavours of Asia, Kani is an Eden for all those who love to explore and discover.

5 Trident Luxury Space
Discover the Luxury 5Ψ Space Suites on Stilts within the Kani 4Ψ Resort. It's the ideal option for those in search of privacy, premium customised services and luxury comfort, without sacrificing the warm and friendly spirit of the Club Med:

  • An exclusive space within the 4Ψ Resort
  • Luxury 5Ψ service
  • Concierge service
  • Luxury accommodation consisting of Suites on Stilts(1) with direct access to the sea
  • Unlimited access to activities and services in the 4Ψ Resort

In the heart of a magnificent island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the refurbished bungalows are set between lush vegetation and a magnificent immaculate white sand beach with crystal clear waters. Like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, you'll enjoy this diver's paradise. Bungalows with one upper floor are dotted throughout the island. Numerous single-storey Suites on stilts.

Delicious, creative cuisine and impeccable table art. Our chefs pull out all the stops to ensure you have a fabulous and entertaining meal.
Le Vehli
International and traditional Asian cuisine served at the buffet. Savour the exotic names and flavours of these delicious dishes. Our team of chefs also produces a selection of low-calory dishes every day.
Le Kandu
This restaurant is in an idyllic setting, in the shade by the turquoise waters of the lagoon - an experience not to be missed! Serves breakfast and late lunch, and snacks during the day. Two evening menus to choose from, at extra cost. Booking compulsory in the evening at reception.

The Sunset
Teak terrace with view over the bungalows on stilts, beside the swimming pool; if paradise exists, come and have a drink here. Open in late afternoon and evening, you can watch the sun go down and the starry night sky in this setting straight out of paradise.
The Iru
On the edge of the lagoon, near the Kandu restaurant, this bar gives you a magnificient view over the turquoise waters of the lagoon. What greater luxury than sipping your drink barefoot in the sand, in the shade of the coconut trees. Teatime from 4 to 6 pm, try a selection of teas from round the world, with sweet and savoury delicacies.

Available all day and evening (during bar opening hours) in all the bars in all our Resorts.
Drinks included
(served by the glass and in the bars only) Water, fruit juices, sodas, hot drinks, cocktails with and without alcohol, local and/or international spirits, wines.
Sweet and savoury snacks
Drinks not included
Champagne, VSOP and XO spirits, bottled and canned drinks (available in certain Resorts from vending machines and/or the Club Med Boutique), certain super-premium brands and bottled wines proposed à la carte in some of our restaurants and bars.

Sports & Activities
Elegance is of the essence in this Resort. Relaxation and sport in a relaxed ambience.

Sailing Academy
Included in your packageThe Sports Academies propose the best equipment and facilities for sailing enthusiasts. Beginners and advanced sailors alike will be able to enjoy their sport in the best possible conditions.

  • Quality teaching by specialist instructors or outside operators, to introduce beginners to the sport and enable experienced sailors to perfect their mastery of the discipline
  • Group classes for all levels, 6 days a week, give you the chance to make real progress and master your technique
  • Full equipment for each age group and level of skill.

Scuba-diving Academy
Optional Extra*The Sports Academies propose the best spots for Scuba diving enthusiasts, so they can enjoy their sport in the best possible conditions. Scuba diving requires specific training and technique, so this Sports Academy proposes courses* only, to ensure that participants gain the maximum benefit.Beginners and experienced divers alike will be able to enjoy their sport in optimum conditions.

  • Quality teaching by specialist instructors or outside operators, to introduce beginners to the sport and enable experienced divers to improve and perfect their technique
  • Courses for all levels, to ensure that all participants make real progress
  • Full equipment for each age group and level of skill.

A huge variety of coral and sea fans; you'll see sharks, groupers, manta rays, pastenagues, lion fish and moray eels. A fabulous natural aquarium. Drift diving only, along the coral reefs or through narrow channels. Number of spots: 20 (average transfer time: 40 mins)

Examples of diving spots:

  • Banana Reef (from 9 to 30 metres / 30 to 100 ft) renowned for its reef fish.
  • Furana Thila (from 12 to 30 metres/ 40 to 100 ft), a great variety of fish species.
  • HP Reef (from 12 to 30 metres/ 40 to 100 ft), with many types of reef fish including eagle rays and turtles.
  • Nassimo Thila (from 15 to 30 metres/ 50 to 100 ft), a spectacular dive into the universe of pastenague rays, barracudas and turtles.
  • Okobe Thila (from 16 to 30 metres /53 to 100 ft) , white tip sharks and barracudas are among the species you're likely to spot.

Other Sports Included in your package:
Initiation group lessons: Aquafitness, Yoga Group lessons for all levels (age and date restrictions may apply): Sailing Academy, Snorkeling Free practice: Badminton, Basketball, Beach soccer, Beach volleyball, Club Med Gym® cardio and weights room, Football, Kayak, Volleyball, Waterpolo

Wellness Centre
The Club Med Spa by Mandara reflects the soul of the most ancient rituals of Asian culture. You'll find 7 individual treatment rooms or "duo" rooms for tandem treatments. All our treatment programmes are organised around a theme. Put yourself in the gentle hands of our beauty and massage therapists, and let your senses take over. Choose from a wide range of beauty treatments and a range of beauty products using natural ingredients. Fatigue and tension will give way to a delightful sensation of well-being and serenity. The majority of our packages are designed for both men and women.

Optional Extra Wellness Packages

Balinese Massage **
1 Traditional Balinese Massage** (choose between 4 different aromatic oils) (55’)
2 treatments over 2 days
For radiant and beautifully moisturised skin and perfect balance.
1 Aromatic Foot Bath, 1 Lavender Body Cleansing and 1 Traditional Exfoliating Treatment for the Body (60’)
1 Balinese Massage** or 1 Traditional Asian Facial (50’)

Hot Stone Massage **
Stones that retain heat, to convey a magical sensation of relaxation and well-being to your body. (50’)
Pure Indulgence
5 treatments over 2 days
An unforgettable combination of Asia's ancestral beauty secrets for a radiant skin and relaxed spirit.
1 Floral Foot bath, 1 Lavender Body Cleansing and 1 Exfoliating Body Treatment (60’)
1 Balinese Massage** (50’)
1 Facial or Foot Massage** (25’)

1 treatment
Reflexology is a holistic method that uses pressure and massage** of strategic points on the feet to help the body regenerate itself(50’)

Traditionnal Facial
1 Massage** and Traditional Asian Facial with Traditional Asian Skin Treatment(50’)

** For information:
The term "massage" implies a superficial manipulation of the face or body, solely for aesthetic purposes, sometimes to ensure good penetration of a cosmetic product, or for comfort. The massage referred to is an external massage of the skin, with no medical or therapeutic aim. It may be done manually or with mechanical aids, exclusively by qualified, trained professionals.

Excursions desk
A stay at the Club Med is always the perfect opportunity to leave everyday realities behind and experience something completely new. Please note all excursions are at an additional cost. The excursions shown are an indication.

Angling (private excursion)
You'll apprciate this fun moment fishing in the Indian Ocean.

Big game fishing
Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, landing a "big one" is always a sensational moment!

Blue Lagoon (1/2 day)
A speed boat takes you out to the North Malé Atoll. You'll do some snorkelling, to admire the fish and coral characteristic of the Indian Ocean. Time for relaxation and sun-bathing, before visiting a local village. Free time for shopping.

Island flyover in a hydroplane (20 minutes)
Magnificent aerial views of the North Malé Atoll in a hydroplane (20 minutes). Take some exceptional photos or simply admire the beauty of the landscape.

Private boat (à la carte)
Visit the supberb islands in the North Male Atoll.

Robinson in a seaplane (1 day)
Magnificent panorama of the Maldives from the sky, with three different atolls. An amazing day out! "RELAX" After a 25 minute flight, arrive at Vashu Giri, a small desert island, part of the Felidhu Atoll. Snorkelling or sun-bathing on a fine white sand beach. Snack. Fly to the Atoll of Ari and the island of Heenfaru (25 minutes). Crayfish picnic, relaxation, snorkelling in the afternoon. "VILLAGE" Travel to Rasdhoo in a seaplane. Visit a local village, where you'll have free time for shopping. Board a Dhoni (Maldive boat) and head for a coral reef to do some snorkelling, then on to an idyllic beach for a moment of farniente. Around 1 pm, fly to Heenfaru, a private island, for a crayfish picnic, relaxation and snorkelling.
NB: availability and schedule of the seaplane depend on the airline

Shopping at Malé (1/2 day)
Malé is a 30 minute boat ride from Kani. A guided tour of the capital of the Maldives, with its Mosque and fish market. Free time to wander and do some souvenir shopping.


* Denotes item is an additional cost

  • A paradise island for divers in the Maldives, with a magnificent lagoon.
  • NEW 5 Trident Luxury Space exclusive Suites* and customised services
  • An island paradise in a turquoise lagoon in the North Malé Atoll
  • The speciality restaurant has been redesigned, with a view over the lagoon
  • Sports Academies: sailing and Scuba diving* to explore the Maldives' exceptional underwater life
  • Relaxation and beauty treatments at the Club Med Spa* by Mandara
Guide price per person,

based on 2 people sharing a double occupancy for 7 nights. inclusive of economy airfares, accommodation and Club Med All Inclusive & based on current rates.

Prices start from £1,559

Subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply. *denotes items at additional cost. Please check with us for full details of all inclusive packages

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